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See our disclaimer. As soon as someone purchased the course, it showed up right there, and the customer just had to click on it once… and it would start rolling. But to me, as someone who values simplicity over almost everything else, this just gave Thinkific a bit more of an edge. Another great thing about Teachable and Thinkific is that they give you really awesome help and support in terms of showing you how to do things.

You can easily learn how to set up your own courses from start to finish using the support threads, which include detailed instructions with photos that will guide you through every step. Both Teachable and Thinkific offer this, and it is very helpful. I give high marks to both companies for providing these tools and resources to their users. Both Thinkific and Teachable scored very high points in course customization. Within 20 to 30 minutes, it was completely possible in both platforms to have attractive products up and running with pretty minimal effort.

Neither of these systems are going to challenge you on a technical level, if that is something you are worried about. But once again, I just really loved how streamlined and easy Thinkific was in terms of how it connected to Samcart and how quickly customers could get to their courses. In researching what other people have to say about these two sites, there seems to be a strong inclination to say that Thinkific wins in site design tools and customization options, while Teachable wins with sales and marketing features.

There may be some small measure of truth to this, but I actually think that it all depends on how you look at it. But in my experience with it, I really felt like this was a matter of process. Thinkific and Teachable both have slightly different processes for building courses, importing media, and incorporating that media into a finished, stylized sales page or course.

I feel like both of the platforms do a great job. In the end, this really all comes down to trying them both out and figuring out which feels more natural for you. One thing to keep in mind is that Teachable uses a base template that basically all of its users start with… while Thinkific gives you access to a collection of very nice templates that you can choose from.

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For example, they have themes for fitness courses, blogging revenue courses, business coaching… etc. Whatever you might be trying to build, you will likely be able to find an actual theme for it on Thinkific, which is really cool. You can create beautiful courses with both of these platforms. I think that you can get the job done with either one. It just depends on how you want to go about building the pages and courses, because both builders find different ways to incorporate media and lay out the different components. At a certain level, both Thinkific and Teachable are free in terms of transaction fees.

But at lower levels, this is not necessarily the case. By the time you get to the Pro version, transaction fees are no longer an issue on Teachable either. But at the Free and Basic level, you are charged fees on Teachable. If you are trying to build a business, at some point, you are going to want to sell courses. And Thinkific seems to give you a slightly better deal on this with the Free version of their product than Teachable gives you. One of the best things about both of these platforms is that both give you the option to bootstrap your course startup with a free version that will help you to keep costs low as you try out the service.

But Thinkific gives a bit of an edge here by offering a completely free experience with zero transaction fees. Of course, you are really limited in what tools you can use and how many courses you can create… but this gives you the opportunity to work on your first course and figure out the system before you start paying a monthly fee. Teachable is almost as good as Thinkific… except that they do charge transaction fees on course purchases on their Free and Basic plans.

The good news here is that you only pay when you make a sale with the free version of Teachable. The bad news is that you have to pay when you make a sale , which seems to make Teachable slightly less desirable at the free level than Thinkific.

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As you have probably guessed at this point, Thinkific really won out for me. I loved the page builder, I loved the course builder, I loved the themes, I felt that using it was incredibly easy, and I really loved the simplicity of it. But with that being said, it was a really neck and neck test in a lot of ways. I have great friends who use Teachable instead of Thinkific, and they love it, and it really works for them. For me, it really came down to that integration with Samcart and 1 click instead of 3 to get to the courses once you signed up for them.

The customer is the highest priority, and when you can make the experience easier and more user-friendly for them, you are giving yourself a pretty big boost. It is truly impossible to understand everything about a system based only on what other people have done or written. Reviews are super helpful, but they are not the gold standard.

Admittedly, I had no idea about how Samcart would work with either of these systems until I tried them myself. There are some good reviews out there, but I learned this through actually going through the motions of trying to create and sell courses as I tested the platform. Then I would have had to redesign all of those courses, move everything, and it would have just been kind of a mess. So use reviews during your process, but do not neglect testing out each platform yourself. Rather, I want you to take my experiences into account to help you make your own best choices for what would work the best for you in your business.

Everyone has different needs when it comes to a course creation platform. But it was important to me to figure out who would prefer each one of these platforms. Try Teachable For Free Here…. Hopefully this comparison has helped you to figure out which one of these platforms may work better for you.

Thinkific and Teachable both have their upsides… and though Thinkific ended up winning out for me, both are worth a test-drive, and they both offer quite a bit of value for the cost. Have you used either of these course-creator platforms before? If so, leave a comment and let me know what you think! I always enjoy hearing what people have to say. Do you feel like one of them has an advantage over the other? Does one offer features that really win out over the other?

Have you had good or bad experiences with either Teachable or Thinkific? Aside from that, thank you very much for checking out this post. Please feel free to check out my YouTube videos and podcasts as well, as I am constantly publishing new content and really striving to help everyone level-up their digital marketing game.

This post will go deeper and analyze my different traffic sources so you can understand the reasons WHY behind my marketing efforts. All in all, this will help you….

No Nonsense Home Business Management Toolbox

Knowing who your audience is and who your best customers are is one of the most powerful ways to grow your business online fast. If you know your audience and you know your customer… building a business online will happen relatively easy. In my last video, you learned about the constant risks entrepreneurs deal with. Specifically how every software, business model, marketing channel, etc. But it would be a disservice to not even mention the potential rewards Because entrepreneurship does offer an….

Miles is a full time internet marketer who sells information products and a niche membership program with his wife, Melanie. Together they have created a lifestyle business that allows them true location independence and this blog where you get to see behind the scenes and see how they have built their online business from scratch. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thanks for all the content you put out. Its a shame I only recently found you on youtube. In regard to your post: I've been using teachable for about a month now.

My school actually did really well in its first month. This drove me to switch from the free trial to the premium — And I have to say Teachable's features and usability is good. However, their payout system and customer support is terrible. When you're not getting paid out , and not receiving customer support to sort it out, features and usability become moot — I wouldn't recommend anyone go for teachable.

I've been looking into Thinkific, but general user perception is that their customer support is almost like an additional revenue stream for them. Thats setting off a lot of red lights for me. There are no other options beyond self hosting it through WordPress that I use or recommend. I have found Thinkific's team to be extremely helpful but to be honest I have not had a single reason to mail them a customer support ticket beyond asking a couple of simple questions because their system seems to work flawlessly. Your Privacy is protected. What Is Thinkific? Both platforms are actually pretty awesome at what they were designed to do.

They give you plenty of options and features that will allow you to do things like… Build your own courses Design your own course site Market and sell your courses Support your students Virtually thousands of entrepreneurs use Thinkific every day to help them deliver exceptional courses, educational materials, and student experiences to their online followings… making them one of the biggest names in the game as far as online course platforms are concerned! What Is Teachable?

Create a course for free Upload your content Make your school beautiful Engage your students Share knowledge and be rewarded They even go as far as to say that you can create a course for free in minutes , and that all you need to get started is your email and the name of your school. Thinkific Vs. Teachable - What About Features? So the next question becomes this… Which one of these platforms has better features that will provide more value to your customers… Thinkific, or Teachable? Build your courses Design your site Market and sell Support your students Security Creating your own curriculum with Thinkific is pretty effortless and intuitive.

You also get to host all of your videos on Thinkific free of charge, which is very cool! Building Courses On Thinkific Making courses private or hidden is as easy as clicking a button. The Business Side Of Things You get paid immediately when students buy courses, have the power to charge in over different currencies, and gain the ability to accept all types of credit cards.

These are all good things, right? These categories are… Customization Learning Tools Marketing Analytics Hosting and Security Teachable makes it simple and easy to create engaging, multimedia lectures and courses by giving you access to a variety of different tools. Building Courses On Teachable You can build your own beautiful website or work with your existing website on Teachable.

From here, you move on and start building out the actual pages of your course. Marketing, Analytics, And Payment As far as marketing is concerned, you gain access to tools like coupons, promotions, advanced pricing options, affiliate programs, and customizable sales pages when you sign up for Teachable.

They also offer multiple-instructor support. With the Basic package, you get… A custom domain Affiliate reporting Email integrations Drip content Manual student enrollment And more Then, when you move up to the Pro package, you get everything you already got with Basic, but you also get: 2 site admin accounts Private and hidden courses Advanced course pricing Priority support Memberships and bundles And more.

So, it scales as you purchase larger packages. Teachable Pricing So how does Teachable stack up in comparison to Thinkific? Teachable offers 3 plans. This is obviously a much more extended plan, and gives you options like… admin-level users Manual student imports Bulk student enrollments Custom user roles And more But you also get a wide array of different features included with every plan.

Thinkific Or Teachable? So, that may also seem like a small thing. What About Course Customization? So in that sense, both platforms performed quite beautifully. At the end of the day, both platforms score very high points in being easy to manage and use. Teachable - Beauty Vs.

Customization Options Vs. Ease Of Use One thing to keep in mind is that Teachable uses a base template that basically all of its users start with… while Thinkific gives you access to a collection of very nice templates that you can choose from. What About Fees? These two platforms are truly quite similar, and they both have their merits. Thinkific, or Teachable?

Try Teachable For Free Here… Conclusion Hopefully this comparison has helped you to figure out which one of these platforms may work better for you. If so, please feel free to drop a line and let me know! See you on the next one! Pin 1. Share 1. Review Summary.

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