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Duets by Boismortier, Corrette and Dupuits are presented with both parts in score form. Both parts of same difficulty, in bass clef through 4th position. Written for 2 cellos and orchestra, this edition includes parts for 2 cellos with piano reduction. First movement of Op. Cello I play the solo line, others accompany. Cellos II-IV should be fluent through 4th position, V a lower range but equally demanding rhythmically. Catalan folk melody arrange as cello quartet with optional easy Cello 5 part, also optional piano parts.

Parts and score. For cello and string bass, or for two cellos. Cello I through 4th position. Other parts are in a lower range, but more shifting options are to your advantage. Cello part has no fingerings, and is performance-friendly as far as page turns. Includes critical notes as well as notes on interpretation.

For advanced players. All exquisite collections are for advanced players though parts are of uneven difficulty. Includes score, and each part is in its own booklet. The solo line is passed back and forth. Cello I should be comfortable with tenor clef and trickier rhythms. Metric changes, rhythmic challenges. Cello I treble and tenor clef. Cello II tenor clef. Eight tangos arranged by Diego Collatti. Parts appear to be of similar difficulty though Cello 1 has a slightly higher range. Arranged by Kevin Berdine. Parts are of graded difficulty.

Cello I and II tenor clef. From keyboard works of the Baroque era. Parts are of unequal difficulty, all have rhythmic and metric challenges. Notation utilizes tenor and treble clef when the range doesn't require it, which can throw some players. Cello 1, 2, 3, 4 parts each have divisi for two cellos per stand. Soprano part is part of the score, so if you want an additional score for conducting purposes, it must be purchased separately. Pachelbel Canon. Cello IV keeps the traditional 8-note repetitive part. Cello I is the most challenging, requiring treble clef knowledge and thumb position, and a less-advanced cellist can play Cello IV.

The publisher has this in line to be reprinted, but it could be until early before it's available. We are taking orders in case you wish to be added to the list. Cellos Bows Strings Cases Accessories. Payment Form. Cello Ensembles 2 cellos, 3 cellos, 4 cellos or more. Piano is noted when included. Abreu - Tico-Tico 4 cellos. Alte Kammermusik - Early Pieces for 2 cellos and 3 cellos. Applebaum Beautiful Music for 2 Cellos Vol. Additional Info Composer Bach, J. Compatible books exist for violin and viola which we can order.

Cello 1 involves treble and tenor clef. Cellos 2, 3, 4 include tenor clef. Bach, JS - Suite No. Bach, JS 25 Duets from the Cantatas 2 cellos. Compiled and transcribed by Fred Sherry. Both parts in score form in a single book. Bach, JS Sonata in C major 2 cellos and piano. Bach, JS Suite No. Barriere Sonata in G major for 2 cellos Stutch. Bartok 18 Duos 2 cellos. Bartok 33 Duos 2 cellos. Bartok Hungarian Peasant Songs 4 cellos. Beethoven Adagio, Op. From the piano sonata. Beethoven Rondo from Symphony No. Beethoven Sonata Op.

Beethoven Trio in C, Op. Bissinger American Folk Songs 4 cellos. Bissinger Folk Songs from the British Isles 4 cellos. Boccherini Adagio and Allegro in A 4 cellos. Boccherini Sonata in C major for 2 cellos. Edited by Bazelaire. The volume includes two booklets, each with both parts in score form.

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Boismortier - 2 Sonatas for 4 Cellos. Boismortier Six Duets for 2 Cellos Op. Boismortier Three Sonaten for 3 Cellos. Breval 3 Easy Sonatas Op. Breval Leichte Stucke Vol. Breval Six Duos Op. Broadway Songs for 2 Cellos. Bruch - Kol Nidrei accompaniment 4 cellos. Includes accompaniment parts with score. Solo line not provided. Bruch Kol Nidrei 4 cellos. Cambini Op. Cello Accompaniments Vol. Cello Time Christmas. Cellos for Christmas 1 or 2 cellos.

Cervetto 6 Trios for 3 cellos, Nos. Chamber Music for 3 Cellos - Vol. Chamber Music for 3 cellos - Vol. Chamber Music for 4 Cellos - Vol. Chopin Etude, Op. Chopin Prelude in E Minor, Op. Christmas Carols for 4 Cellos: Part One. Christmas Carols for 4 Cellos: Part Two. Christmas Carols for Cellos 3 cellos, 4 cellos. Coe - Five Pieices 4 cellos. Compatible Christmas Duets for Strings 2 cellos. Compatible Trios for Christmas 3 cellos. Corelli - Sonate da Chiesa a Tre 3 cellos. Corelli Trio Sonatas arr. Couperin Duo in G major for Bass Instruments 2 cellos. Dances With Cellos Volume 1 4 cellos.

Arranged by Lynne Latham, includes parts with score. Dances With Cellos Volume 2 4 cellos. Arranged by Lynne Latham. Debussy Prelude "Minstrels" for 4 cellos MC Debussy Sarabande from Pour le Piano arr. DeFesch Op. Dona Nobis Pacem 4 cellos.

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Dotzauer 12 Duets Op. Dotzauer Six Pieces for 3 Cellos, Op. Dotzauer Three Sonatas for 2 Cellos Op. Arranged for 4 cellos by Edward Laut. Solo line in Cello I part. Elgar Concerto in E minor, Op. Escudero Bulerias Flamenco for 2 cellos.

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Espinoza - Short Piece 4 cellos. Excerpts from Famous Sonatas Vol. Arranged by Ed Laut. Solo line contained in Cello I part. Flaherty Cellist's Variations on Home on the Range 4 cellos. Additional Info Composer Flaherty, T. Flaherty Christmas Quodlibet for 4 Cellos. Flaherty Quodlibet and Chorale for 4 cellos. Flaherty Two Ladies from Verona for 2 cellos. Franck Panis Angelicus arr. Fugues for Cello Trio 3 cellos. Gazda Progressive Trios 3 cellos. Gibbons - Fantasia 35 6 cellos. Gibbons - Go From My Window 6 cellos.

Gliere 10 Duets, Op. Goltermann 2 Morceaux de Salon Op. Grieg Holberg Suite 6 cellos. Hampton - Cello Quartets, Music for 4 cellos. Handel - Chamber Suite D 4 cellos. All parts require knowledge of tenor clef, but parts are graded. Handel - Messiah Chorus 26 8 cellos. Handel Grave and Fugue arr. Handel Sonata in G minor, Op. Haydn - Divertimento No.

Violin Duet No. 7 in B-flat Major from Twelve Easy Duets, Op. 10 (Violin 2 Part)

Haydn Divertimento for 3 Cellos. Haydn Divertimento in D for 3 cellos. Haydn Four Duets for 2 cellos. Haydn String Quartet Op. Heuer Harrison - Cellobrations: Classics for 4 cellos. Heuer Harrison - Easy Cellobrations for 4 Cellos. Heuer Harrison - More Cellobrations: Classics for 4 cellos. Holm Little Suite for 5 Cellos. Intermediate Christmas Carols for 4 Cellos. Bach - Five Chorale Preludes for 4 cellos. Jobim, Mendonca - Samba de una sola nota 4 cellos. We know all about the Shoah, and yet all around us new horrors are happening… I ask: Lord, did it, does it have to be?

Nevertheless, I keep singing my shy Hallelujah. It was necessary to fight, to resist! That is the reason why I entrust it with most exacting tasks. It is nevertheless rich in expression as well as in sound and color. Duo with piano Variations for French horn and piano, Op.

The Sonata for trombone especially abounds in clusters, bitonality and irregular rhythms. They transcend any instructive purpose, are often played in concert and have been several times recorded. Composition for solo instrument Entrata, Aria e Toccata for piano, Op. Composition for solo instrument Polkas for piano, Op. It reflects part of the Czech soul. Sometimes swaggering, sometimes tender, with a strange melancholy. And the need for maximm simplicity, also typical of the Czech character.

Simplicity is not naive, sometimes it is more sophisticated than complex strucures. You find it in the polkas of Smetana, Dvorak and Martinu. Kalabis elected the cryptogram g-re a-h-a-mi, which he uses in four parts of a little suite, a clever musical conundrum ending in an almost jazzy, syncopated last movement. Composition for solo instrument Toccatas for piano, Op.

These ensure from the dynamism of my life, i. Unmercifully it reveals any insincerity or posuting. The fate of Man, which Sisyphos mourns. Dramatic chords and passages, an anguished, plaintive theme in the highest registers all that will show both the players virtuosity and musicality. In the end the calling dies away into silence. It was immediately printed by Schott Ed. They are not to be taken too seriously. Duo for other instrumentation Duettina for cello and double bass, Op. The Interprets premiered it with wit, bravura and elegance and evidently had a good time themselves. Can on desire more?

In he had to stop writing. Kalabis selected part of the biblical Song of Songs. Part serious, part jocular texts mainly about love and family life. Vocal Composition Album of Folksongs with piano , Op. The Fable comes from the world of 16th century Comedia dell arte. It could even be performed by a small ballet or mime group. The actors enter Introduzione — Harlequin, Colombine, Pantalone. The ensuing drama is a burlesque, nothing very serious happens.

Other Works Piano Sonata No. In the words of its author the Capriccio was written out of pure joy of music and indeed transmits this joy entirely. The culminating work of the epoch immediately reflecting the times of the so-called Normalization.


The name of this work consisting of just one movement does not refer to any fragmentary character of the music itself. Named after a famous folklore festival, it has been unjustly overshadowed by his other orchestral works, mainly the symphonies. They were written at the request of V. Again written for the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, this time at the instigation of Karel Ancerl, who asked for a representative work, which would show the excellent qualities of his orchestra.

Literary News 7. This work, consisting of a Prologue, Dramma and Epilogue, a form later often used by Kalabis, is dedicated to his father and written under the shadow of his nearing death. This work is temperamental, full of life, offering some parallels to the inspriations by nature in the Trio and the second nonet. Quartets, as their author says, are as important to him as the symphonies, only at a more intimate level. This opus is dedicated to the duo J. Requested by Janos Starker after a concert with Zuzana Ruzickova in Prague: it is also dedicated to him.

It brings an unusual confrontation of piano with rather strong woodwind and brass ensemble big symphonic brass, woodwind a 3. This work was born under good auspices. Incantation — Tredecet for 2 Fl. This work has been played all over the world, for example in Germany, Holland, Austria, Denmark, Italy, Yugoslavia, Poland, Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia, and was awarded 3rd prize at the festival of contemporary music in Warsaw.

Hallelujah for violin and piano, Op. The work is part of a trilogy on biblical theme by three important Czech composers, requested by Edna Michell, Menuhins disciple well known in Israel and the USA. Sonata for cello and piano, Op. Both were written in the first year of Soviet occupation and reflect the mood of that time.

Quasi-baroque in form, modern in its content, it uses color as a tectonic element. Written as a birthday surprise for a dear friend of the family, Graham Melville-mason, a longstanding propagator of Czech music. To quote J. It is another composition written on commission by the Prague Spring Festival International Competition.

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Sibelius, Serenade No 1 for violin and orchestra. B4 of age over 20 years old. Liubov Kozlova, Saint-Petersburg, Russia piano. Sibelius, Ten Pieces Op. Sibelius, Valse triste, ,. F4 of age over 20 years old. Anton Trufanov, Vologda, Russia harmonic. G2 of age over 20 years old. Petersburg, Russia,. G3 of mixed age. Matvey Khromov bayan button accordion ,. Elena Nazarenko piano , Moscow, Russia,.

I2 - concertmasters of age Susanna Liisa Onoper, Tallinn, Estonia piano. Sibelius "Ruusunlaulu". I4 - concertmasters of age over Yana Schwarz, Saint-Petersburg, Russia piano. Category D3,. D3 - organ.

Irina Kozlova, Saint-Petersburg, Russia organ. Tatjana Gurbajeva, Saint-Petersburg, Russia organ. Category E,. E3 of age Anton Zhulev, Belgorod, Russia flute. Violin concerto in D minor, op. Allegro moderato. Buriakov , Category H: Chamber orchestras more than 12 people :. H1 of age Chamber Orchestra Armonico, Riga, Latvia violin, violoncello.