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The biggest mystery is how the reader can figure out what happened so quickly, yet it takes the commissario di polizia the whole book to catch on. Still, the pleasures of spending time with Brunetti and the gang have never been greater. There was a problem adding your email address.

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By clicking on "Submit" you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Email Newsletter. Log In. Toggle navigation MENU. Unable to swim, she went under and started to drown. She survived thanks to a nearby man, an alcoholic, who heard her splashes and pulled her out, though not before she suffered irreparable brain damage that left her unable to learn or mature. The drunk man claimed he saw her thrown into the canal, but the following day he couldn't remember a thing. Now, at a fundraising dinner for a Venetian charity, a wealthy and aristocratic patroness--the girl's grandmother--asks Brunetti if he will investigate.

Brunetti's not sure what to do. If a crime was committed, the criminal surely would be protected by the statute of limitations.

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But out of a mixture of curiosity, pity, and a willingness to fulfill the wishes of a guilt-wracked older woman, Brunetti agrees. The characters, settings, and cultural side notes are always fun, but this story had a more intriguing mystery to it. Have read or listened to Donna Leon's Brunetti series all within the last 18 months. Those in the middle of the series Gita little too dark for me and I skipped a few.

I loved this one.. Has been good company for spring cleaning, gardening and driving. I listen a lot through the night so miss a lot and enjoy the ease of relistening with the Audible app. This is Donna Leon's 25th Brunetti and I've read them all. Yes, the stories are formulaic and predictable but if you are in love with Guido, his family, his associates and especially Venice, well Love does conquer all, even a weak plot.

An annual visit to savor Paula's cooking, admire a stylish get-up worn by Senora Eletra, or catch a glimpse of the Dolomites is well worth the Audible credit and several hours of my time.

One Audible reviewer complained that she tried it and didn't like it. I'd say go back to 1, read a few more, and if you aren't charmed long, long before this one, scratch Venice off of your travel itineraries. Besides, David Colacci is the perfect narrator for this series I haven't read the print version for this book.

I find that movies, and audible performances can change the author's intention. Some are better than the written book.

The Waters of Eternal Youth Commissario Guido Brunetti Mystery

Others I cannot abide the narrator and would much prefer the book. And then some video productions outshine the book. But, it always starts with the author. Which character — as performed by David Colacci — was your favorite? Guido and Ms. Electra i apologize for the spelling as I'm not sure what how the secretary's name is spelt. Did you have an extreme reaction to this book?

Did it make you laugh or cry? This book was a little easier on the reader and it was somewhat less a societal criticism as her other books. The crime and the response to it could have taken place in many countries. Leon doesn't criticize the Establishment as much as she does in her usual gentle way. I enjoyed this book slightly more as it had fewer scenes of family bliss and more with the men and women Bernetti works with.

The Waters of Eternal Youth: Brunetti 25 by Donna Leon

I must say the food descriptions are so well done that my stomach actually growls when we hear what is for lunch or dinner. I really enjoy the Commisario Guido Brunetti series, but this has surpassed my expectations! I really enjoyed this book.

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This one is a super interesting one to me. I had a migraine for the last part of the book and listening to this really helped me get through my migraine because I'm sensitive to light so I can't have any lights on or a tv show or movie. It was really nice listening to this. I missed a few parts so I'm going to go back and listen to them. My grandma introduced me to this book series and I always have fun listening to the books and I always think of her.

A Commissario Guido Brunetti Mystery Series

I will continue listening to all of this series. Just completed a seven hour drive, couldn't have done it without this book.


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