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Global Nanotribology Research Output (1996–2010): A Scientometric Analysis

Traffic Info. Today industry trends are moving in high speed, high precision and sustainable use to develop new products.

2017 STLE Emerging Trends Report

The friction surface between the two components including movement, wear and lubrication problems are facing more difficult researches and challenges. The aim of the ICETT is to gather scholars from all over the world to present advances in the aforementioned fields and to foster an environment conducive to exchanging ideas and information.

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The ICETT will provide a platform to assemble researchers, practitioners, and academics to present and discuss ideas, challenges and potential solutions on established or emerging topics relating to research and practice in Engineering Tribology of high-speed, high-precision, energy conservation, sustainable use, advanced design, industrial tribology and issues with application. Journal Metrics CiteScore : 4. CiteScore values are based on citation counts in a given year e.

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Recent Tribology International Articles. Recently published articles from Tribology International. On the diversity of accommodation mechanisms in the tribology of Bulk Metallic Glasses January Study of the mechanism of friction on functionally active tribological Polyvinyl Chloride PVC — Aggregate composite surfaces - Open access January A numerical investigation of grease friction losses in labyrinth seals January Effect of ZDDP on lubrication mechanisms of linear fatty amines under boundary lubrication conditions January Friction, wear and airborne particle emission from Cu-free brake materials - Open access January Electrons distribution competition: A negative correlation between relative potential energy and bandgap in hexagonal boron nitride January Thermo-mechanically coupled modelling of a single-asperity scratch on an isotropic isotactic polypropylene surface - Open access January Topographical analysis of machined surfaces after grinding with different cooling-lubrication techniques January Tribological mechanisms involved in friction wood welding January A physical investigation of wear and thermal characteristics of 3D printed nylon spur gears January Elastomer solubility and stress relaxation in bio-lubricants January Analysis of lubricant performance in punching and blanking January Experimental study of lubrication film monitoring in a roller bearing by utilization of surface acoustic waves January On the application of the mechanical aging Master Curve for lubricating greases to rolling bearings January Thermo-mechanical coupled finite element analysis of rolling contact fatigue and wear properties of a rail steel under different slip ratios January On critical surface strain during hot forging of lubricated aluminum alloy January On the wear of dynamically-loaded engine bearings with provision for misalignment and surface roughness January Influence of unforced dewetting and enforced wetting on real contact formation and friction behavior between rubber hemisphere and glass plate during contacting and sliding processes January Tribological properties of sulfur- and phosphorus-free organic molybdenum compound as additive in oil January Using magnetic fluids to improve the behavior of ball bearings under starved lubrication January Natural and induced surface roughness determine frictional regimes in hydrogel pairs January Transient analysis of surface roughness features in thermal elastohydrodynamic contacts January Interactions of Cu nanoparticles with conventional lubricant additives on tribological performance and some physicochemical properties of an ester base oil January