Manual Trio Sonata in A Major, Op. 3 No. 5 (Flute/Oboe/Violin 2 Part)

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Three Bagatelles Heaton Smith, Roy Recorder, clarinet and viola - Probably written to play with friends by the composer, himself a clarinettist. The short and bubbling Scherzo is following by a graceful and stately Dance, and the final movement, Capriccio, has knockabout humour and catchy tunes.. Recorder, clarinet and viola - Probably written to play with friends by the composer, himself a clarinettist. Trifles Suite Jacob, Gordon 1 A, violin, cello, harpsichord.

Trio Linde, Hans-Martin 1 A, flute, harpsichord. Trio Sonata in F, Op. Trio Sonata in D minor, Op.

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Trio Sonata in C minor, Op. Quintette Mancinelli, D, ed. Delius 2 TT, 2 violins, cello. Concerto I Mancini, Francesco, ed. Concerto V Mancini, Francesco, ed. Concerto VI Mancini, Francesco, ed. Concerto X Mancini, Francesco, ed. Concerto No.

trio sonata in d major op 3 no 2 flute oboe violin 1 Manual

Concerto G minor Mancini, Francesco 1 A, 2 vns, bc. Les Folies d'Espagne Marais, Marin 1 rec, harpsichord, viola da gamba. Good humoured music that pictures country dancing beside a river, with the occasional train passing in the distance, written for the unusual combination of DDTrTB, violin and cello, to play at the annual Charlbury Festival..

Margaret Shearing and David Scruby asked Steve to write a trio sonata for a group which regularly plays such pieces. Among other things the group was keen to have a piece which had an independent cello part. In fact everyone has an equal part in the discussion in my piece, so it could be more accurately called a quartet for two recorders, cello and piano. Still 'trio sonata' is a nicely convenient title. Quite a tricky piece.. Ruth Burbidge plays in a trio which can muster the unusual instrumentation of recorder, guitar and harpsichord.

Unsurprisingly there is very little music available for this combination of instruments, and my trio is hence a big fish in a tiny pond. This eight-minute piece is quite difficult.. Flourishes and Dances was written at the request of the Parnassian Ensemble.

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It comprises three dances - the first a fast bit of jazz dancing, the second a rather sultry Latin American number, and the third a somewhat manic country dance. The pieces are not dances as such, but were at least inspired by dance rhythms. Each dance starts with a short flourish, the speed of which contrasts with that of the dance that follows. All three flourishes are based on the same music, and this music also does pop up from time to time during the dances. Total playing time of this rather difficult work is about ten minutes.

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Notturno op. Quanta Meyers, Freddie 1 A, bass viol and harpsichord. A welcome contemporary piece for groups playing Baroque repertoire.. Another in the series of pieces commissioned by Andrew Collis for the Stanesby Players.. Fratres Part, Arvo arr. Concerto, Op. Sonata a 3 Pepusch, J C Recorder, violin, bassoon. Concerto Bb maj, Op.

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Sonata in D minor, Cook 2. Sansone violins, 2 recs, wind, cont. A wonderful work by the composer of the well-known carol "Jesus Christ the Apple Tree", who loved both the recorder and early music. The work is in a tuneful neo-Baroque style, and the composer herself thought it one of her very best works.. Sonata in G minor Prowo, Pierre, ed Kohn 1 rec, viola da gamba, bc. Sonata 6. Klaenge, die Erinnerungen wecken Qin, Wenchen 1 rec, sho, gtr, percussion. Over and Under Risher, Tim 1 A, violin, gtr, bass viol. Concerto F major - score Sammartini, Giuseppe, ed. Concerto XI Sarri, Domenico , ed.

Sonata in F major Scarlatti, Alessandro 1 A, 2 vl, bc. Sonata in A minor Scarlatti, Alessandro 1 A, 2 vl, bc. Concerto IX Scarlatti, Alessandro, ed. Omaggio a Vivaldi Schneider, Enjott Recorder, strings and harpsichord. Keyboard reduction.

The 3 soloists of this Italian- style concerto play both as independent voices and as a single 3 voice-voiced entity. Often the roles are switched and the Soprano or Alto behave as the bass line.. Concerto in D Op. Rec bc. Trio sonata Simonetti, Giovanni Paolo 1 A, viola, bc. Quartetto C major Stamitz, Carl 1 A, 2 violins, cello. Quartetto F major Stamitz, Carl 1 A, 2 violins, cello. Memento, Mary Magdalene, Op.

Jan Dismas Zelenka (1679-1745) Sonatas for 2 oboes

Concerto in G minor Telemann, G P ed. Goebel 1 A, 2 vns, vla, bc. Concerto in F maj. Telemann, Georg Philipp 1A, flute, 2 violins, viola, bc. He Is also known from the handsome portrait of him by his friend Gainsborough He was a prolific composer leaving some ninety symphonies, eleven operas and a great many works for the piano, an instrument which he helped to pioneer. C81 5 Duetto in La Maggiore, Op.

C83 4 Bassoon Concerto in E flat major, W. Mozart 1 Concerto in D major, Op. C78 1 Flute Quartets 4 , Op.

C75 1 Keyboard Concerto in F major, Op. Al mio bene - Recitativo: Sentimi, non partir 3 Sentimi, non partir B10 1 Sinfonia in B flat major, W. B12 1 Sinfonia in B flat major, W. B8 1 Sinfonia in C major, Op. C16a 1 Sinfonia in C, W. B11 1 Sinfonia in E flat major, W.